Cynthia Tom

Artist Statement

My paintings are meant to encourage women to own their power and for others to see them out of their traditional context. I believe we as artists have the power to educate deeply and create profound changes in how people perceive their communities, urging the call for social justice, like no other media can. My Arts and Life purpose: 1. A feminist viewpoint that urges women to find their voices and own their power. 2. Provide arts and healing projects for women 3. Empowerment of the women through societal enlightenment 4. Asian American Art is a genre


Cynthia Tom is a multi-media visual artist and community activist from San Francisco, California. “Cultural Surrealism” is her platform to ruminate over creative and social justice concepts, combining them together with fresh perspectives to pose questions to viewers of her work. She creates dynamic art works, filled with symbols, cues and clues, which are driven by her passion for healing for women and community healing. Her work has been exhibited at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, the De Young Museum, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and various other galleries mainly in the San Francisco Bay area. She lectures on her work, issues related to women, feminism in the arts and Asian American women in the arts. She has won numerous awards for her art and leadership, including the ABC/KGO Profiles in Excellence leadership award, and was recognized nationally by NPR Radio in 2010 and 2011.