Lunar New Year Celebration 2013

Volunteer Brian Ignacio representing AAWAA at the Lunar New Year Celebration in San Francisco’s city hall.

AAWAA is dedicated to ensuring the visibility, documentation, and well being of Asian Pacific American women in the arts, and offer exhibitions, publications, educational lectures, and other programs to the community.

Through our community programs we offer thought provoking perspectives that challenge societal assumptions and promote dialogue across generations and cultures. We work to educate the general public and elevate awareness about the narratives of Asian Pacific American women.

Driven by a focus on art, empowerment, and social justice for women, AAWAA’s programs advocate for public recognition, inclusion of Asian Pacific American women’s voices in media and arts institutions as well as educational curricula in American art history. AAWAA values women’s empowerment, Asian American cultural heritage, community building, and education.



APOHO 2010

Isabelle Thuy Pelaud installing her piece for A Place of Her Own in 2010.